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Spooky Gals

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v1.0 Release
Intended for SFM, but probably works in GMod with a bone manipulation tool.
Feel free to use/edit them, credit is greatly apprecitated! Would love to see what you do with'em, sling a mention or message on twitter if ya do. c:
All models can use rig_HEV included over in this pack.

DBD Nurse and L4D Witch models by Damn Dirty DØG - that's me!
Made from KabalMystic's base models

v1.0 Release

May 8th, 2022

The initial release of the pack, our two lovely spooky, scary gals.


  • Left 4 Dead Witch, with both regular and bride designs.
  • Dead By Daylight Nurse, with regular/prestiged/first cosmetic unlock designs.