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Expandable Femme Pyro Renovation

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Version 2 alpha 1.0 Release
Requires The Femme Pyro Renovation
Intended for SFM, GMod users will likely find it lacking in the skin department without modification.

O.G. Femme Pyro Redux model by The Fanciest of Pants
Femme Pyro Renovation by Sierra Foxtrot
Expandable by Donan (GMOD version)
Renovated Expandable model (this) by Damn Dirty DØG - that's me!

Version 2 Alpha

January 30th, 2022

The current in-dev release of the expandable femme pyro renovation.


  • Added Hands Preset sliders.
  • Added attachments for foot roll on simple biped rig.
  • Many more flexes:
    • Belly button innie
    • Hyperbottom [INCOMPLETE]
    • Masculine - for a more femboi pyro
    • Pecs - works off of the flat slider, turning them into more masculine pectorals. Compatible with nipples slider.
    • Abs - muscle mommy
    • Bulge & Bulgeup
    • Arms flat
  • Added "prp_" prefix to zipper/belly bones to not interfere with zipper bodygroup and belly slider.
  • Added tweaked version of Alaxe's Enhanced Special eyes.
    • Left/right sliders combined into stereo sliders.
    • Added eyelid bones, intended for rotation on the Y axis to allow more extreme "angry/sad" eyelid angles
    • Added eyelid curve bones, intended for translation on the X (Left) or Z (right) axis to add a curve to the eyelids.
  • Added hyperbottom model that's compatible with new fempyro skins and set up with the renovation model's materials.

1.0 Release

November 15th, 2020

Alright, happy to release the 1.0 version of my tweaked expandable femme pyro model!


  • Updated UVs to latest version of Femme Pyro Renovation. Compatible with all skins on the current version through material overrides/replacements.
  • Added bodygroups for each glove and the zipper tab.
  • Added "original" head bodygroup for skin compatibility.
  • Added heeled boots bodygroup.
  • Removed flex decay, flexes will now always show exactly where they're placed and won't "degrade" over time when working on a session.
  • Added "flat" flex for members of the IBTC.
  • Added various utility skins with material parameters that can't be added as overrides (additive, alphatest, selfillum, etc.)
  • Added lookups for all current pyro animations (newer taunts, etc. importable as sequences).